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Finally, the perfect laundry solution for apartment living.

Living in a city has its perks: There’s always something to do. You rarely ever have to drive. Your friends live close.

What isn’t fun about living metropolitan is spending several hours a week dragging the wash down to the communal laundry facility to wait for a washer. You put your clothes on and wait some more. Maybe you take a chance and leave, only to come back and find that someone has dumped your clean clothes all over the place to get your dryer.

To fix all of this, we designed a washer that:

fits in apartmentscan hook up to any sink or laundry hook-updries in the same machine
In a nutshell: The Triton Super Combo TR 4400 is a machine for people that hate doing laundry, especially when they have to use communal facilities.

The Super Combo is a washing machine and a dryer in one unit. You put the clothes in, and they come out clean and dry without you having to do anything in between.

It’s also very small compared to a normal washer. In fact, it’s only 22 inches deep so that it can roll easily through narrow doorways and fit into closets. You can have it installed european-style in your kitchen, or use the portability kit and roll it out when you need to use it.

The really wonderful thing about the machine is that if you live in an apartment or condo without traditional washer-dryer connections, the leaf will work just fine. However, if you ever move to a place with those hookups, the super combo will connect there as well.

Finally, we made it incredibly energy efficient. It uses very little water, very little electricity, and puts out a very small amount of waste. The Super Combo not only meets federally mandated energy standards for 2015, but is also compliant with the much stricter 2018 standards. That means, in 5 years, it will still be just as good as brand new units.

Technical Specs

Here are the basic tech specs and features for the Super Combo TR 4400:

  • 14 Programed Functions
  • 13 Pound Laundry Capacity
  • Child Lock
  • Delay Start
  • Start/Pause Function
  • Adjustable height
  • Portability Kit & Sink Attachment
  • Automatic Wrinkle Guard
  • Add-A-Sock
  • Built-In Diagnostics
  • Available in White and Silver
  • 1 Year Warranty